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What our clients say is extremely important to us, which is why we value their feedback. That is why MYUNGMUN Acupuncture is so invested in making sure our clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services we offer. Take a look at what our past clients have said about us and schedule your appointment today.

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[MYUNGMUN ACUPUNCTURE] Kmedia Youtube Interview [명문 자석침 한의원] 코시국에 확장이전한 명문🧲한의원이 진짜 비결은 지금 확인해 보세요👀 🧰

[MYUNGMUN ACUPUNCTURE] Kmedia Youtube Interview [명문 자석침 한의원] 코시국에 확장이전한 명문🧲한의원이 진짜 비결은 지금 확인해 보세요👀 🧰

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Treatment Success stories

Treatment Success stories

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by Stan Gibson

July 2021

I have been seeing Hyun Kyu Choi since April of this year. We make the monthly trip from our home in Lexington South Carolina for my three day sessions. it is well worth my time and effort. I have been thoroughly pleased with his diagnosis and treatment and am feeling better than I have in the past two years. I was struggling with the transition of retirement and moving from the Midwest to a warmer winter climate. Sleep problems, anxiety and easily stressed. The treatments have been a great relief and blessing. The entire staff are sincerely caring and interested in you as a person and in your recovery. Very accomodating.

Chronic cough

by Lillian Butler

June 2021

Dr. Choi is a miracle worker!!! I love this place. I began acupuncture a few weeks ago and I wasn't really a true believer. A friend referred me.

When I say he is a miracle worker I really mean it. I have had a cough for almost two years and I haven't been able to sleep. Since coming to the office I slept for the first time in years without coughing. I couldn't believe it. I woke up saying did I even go to sleep? I recommend 1000% and I will continue to go and work on other ailments and weight loss.

I love this place, the staff is very friendly, very caring and it's very clean.

Menstrual pain

by Yeun B

August 2021

HIGHLY recommend! The staffs here are super welcoming and caring. Dr. Choi has been performing acupuncture for a few decades. He is experienced, professional, charismatic, yet friendly and compassionate.

I’ve been visiting Myunmun acupuncture for about 20 times in the course of 3 months. My overall health issues (which includes menstrual cramps, chronic pain, and acne) have improved significantly. The other day, I had a huge ice burn on my right thigh after an excessive ice massage. As you can see, the burn was red, swollen, and painful. After 4 sessions, it is now unnoticeable and completely healed! Who would’ve thought that acupuncture can also treat burns! I cannot thank Dr. Choi and the staffs enough for all the care and support! Absolutely LOVE this place!!

Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

by J

April 2021

1.5 years ago, I developed a perioral rash  that spread to my entire face. It was terrible. Scaly, oozing, itchy, and red. I couldn't sleep at night because I'd be woken up from my oozing rash (later I found out it was eczema). First, I tried out 30-day worth of Valtrex (anti-viral med) prescribed by my family doc, but it didn't do anything (probably because it wasn't a viral etiology). Then, I went to a board-certified dermatologist. I got patch tested, and all my results were negative. By the process of elimination, the MD diagnosed me with eczema. She said it will be chronic, and told me to try Elidel (NFKB inhibitor) for my facial eczema. I finished the entire Elidel cream tube, with no improvement in my symptoms.

With all treatment options from the "Western medicine" that failed, I was recommended by my family member to visit Dr. Choi. I had known him and that he treats chronic illnesses, but I didn't know that he also treats eczema (atopic dermatitis). Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I was desperate and he was my last option left. I first started getting needle/magnet combined treatment for 3 times a week. That increased to every day (except for Thursdays and Sundays as the office doesn't open then) as my symptoms worsened. On my worst days, I could definitely feel that my oozing would subside after I'd get the treatment. I also tried couple months' worth of herbal medicine. Aside from his treatments, Dr. Choi is just a very caring and empathetic person. He prayed for me before he started each of my treatments, and lifted my spirits during my darkest times.

After 6-7 months of continued treatment, my eczema had gotten much better. Oozing had stopped, and just redness/itchiness. It definitely was not an overnight change. However, I believe God worked through him to heal me from my eczema. Now, I look much better and feel much better. I'm very close to my normal baseline and very grateful for his treatments and encouragement.

TL;DR - I'd recommend anyone who's struggling with treatment-resistant eczema to visit Dr. Choi.

Neck pain

by Aimee K

March 2021

My family has been coming here for years and we really notice a difference in our body when we come. I recently came for major pain in my neck that made it difficult for me to move at all. After one visit I was feeling much better. And now after coming consistently for a couple weeks I feel better than before. The staff is always so kind and courteous. If you are ever interested in accupuncture I highly recommend Myungmoon Acupuncture!

Sprained ankle and Abrasions

by Tiffany K

April 2021

My family started going to Dr. Choi since 2012 for magnet acupuncture and the overall health of our family has gone up so much.

To share a couple examples out of many, I sprained my ankle very badly several years ago. I couldn't walk on my own because of the pain and my foot was so swollen that I couldn't fit my foot in a shoe. The pain was only getting progressively worse and ice pack didn't really help. I got magnet acupuncture about 8 hours after I strained my ankle and the next day, I woke up feeling much much better with only endurable pain and significantly less swollen foot. With a couple more appointments, I was able to recover to the point where I could walk.

Most recently, I stepped on a sharp object and had a deep cut in my foot and went to Dr. Choi for three times a week (he also recommended I get a Tdap shot, which I got that day) and the cut healed within two weeks. The before and after pictures are 11 days apart.

My family goes to Dr. Choi for any health issues and we have been able to recover and maintain good health thanks to his magnet acupuncture. If anything needs further examination or immediate procedure, he directs us to go to hospital but we have been able to avoid procedures and harsh medicines as we were able get treated early on, rather than when symptoms fully develop. Although I don't fully understand the mechanism of magnet acupuncture, it has to do with circulation and good circulation promotes good health, as widely known. I personally experienced it lowered my anxiety and stress levels as well. I cannot recommend Dr. Choi enough and my family appreciates him a lot!

Seasonal allergies and pain

by Vicky C

March 2021

I visit Dr.Choi for everything: from seasonal allergies, cold, minor burns to sprained ankle and many more. I recently got cupping and it helped me a lot with my lower back pain. New place is super clean, has plenty parking spaces and friendly staff. I highly recommend Dr.Choi, he's amazing!
Treatments: acupuncture, electronic acupuncture, magnetic acupuncture (needle free & painless: great for children), massage and cupping.

Seasonal allergies

by Kris C

January 2021

I had allergies during fall and winter for a long time. When it got severe, the skin around my eyes starts to rip and start bleeding. The doctor recommended steroid-based shots and ointment for my allergies. So, I decided to get alternative treatment. It took a while but now, I am allergy free!!!  Also, he treated my two and third-degree burns a few times, within 2~3 weeks, they were all gone. I do have small scars but I am happy with the results.

Hip pain

by Sarah

February 2021

I can't begin to express the depth of my gratitude towards Dr Choi and his wonderful family! I received a gift card from a very close friend for my first visit to help with the severe pain I had from a shredded labrum in my left hip, pain I had lived with for the past year because previous Dr's advised I would need surgery to correct. I refused the surgery because it would have seriously altered or even stopped my career as a PT and Yoga instructor. My sleep was affected by the pain, my own personal workouts, my ability to work with others.....honestly, my entire life took a nose dive for the past year and I gained weight rapidly. My 1st visit with "Dr Miracle" and I KNEW THIS WAS RIGHT! Within 24 hours my life began to transform....the deep pain within my hip began to disappear. My moderate back pain and tennis elbow felt completely at ease! And my sleep?!! I haven't slept THIS well in 5 years! Since that initial visit, I've been back to see Dr Miracle for 6 treatments...feeling BETTER and more ENERGETIC than ever before. The pain within my hip is almost completely gone and range of motion is also almost back to 100%! My workouts are back on point and a fascinating side affect to my accupuncture treatments is my rapid fat loss while I'm still gaining muscle mass?! Anyone that lifts weights regularly understands how phenomenal this result alone is, as most of the time the body is either focused on fat loss OR muscle gain....rarely do both coincide! I can't praise this practice and the good family that run it enough.....Namaste!!!!

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