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Myungmun Acupuncture's Magnetic treatment is one of the well-known reasons why we have many sucessful stories.



How It Works

Every human body produces its own electrical current within each cell. The magnetic field and currents in our body play a critical role in regeneration and healing of cells which is the energy source for life activities.

Myungmun magnetic acupuncture is a treatment that balances diseases caused by the imbalance of the magnetic field and micro currents in the body.

Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев

What is Myungmun magnetic acupuncture?

Hyun Kyu Choi,L.Ac is a founder of Myungmun magnetic method which is the combination of traditional acupuncture and magnetic acupuncture


Why is Myungmun magnetic acupuncture special?

Myungmun magnetic acupuncture provides a prolonged treatment effect without the sensation of acupuncture needle insertion. Therefore, our magnetic treatments are effective to chronic diseases and suitable for children or anyone who is afraid of needles

Image by Gustavo Candido da Silva
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