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"Atopic dermatitis is long lasting (chronic) and tends to flare periodically. Atopic dermatitis most often begins before age 5 and may persist into adolescence and adulthood. No cure has been found for atopic dermatitis in western culture." (Mayoclinic)

However, proper acupuncture treatments and self-care measures can relieve itching and prevent new outbreaks without using steroid and other medications that can easily cause side effects, which include thinning of the skin (skin atrophy) and making eczema worse in the long run.

A variety of complications also may arise from topical steroid use or overuse. That’s why the NEA says the medications should not be used continuously for more than two to four weeks. (National Eczema Foundation (NEA))

Myungmun Clinic has most experienced practices for atopic dermatitis in children and infant.

Our atopic dermatitis treatments for children include the magnetic treatment and organic cream application on itchy skin. There will be certain instructions to follow for a successful result such as avoiding soap and other irritants.

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